About the Türkiye Nation Branding Forum

Türkiye, a country that has been home to great civilizations for thousands of years, embarks on a new journey with its rich legacy and values.

The Türkiye Brand Office, operating under the Presidency's Directorate of Communications of the Republic of Türkiye, has commenced work to further boost Türkiye's brand value and awareness in a way that unifies the past and the future.

"Türkiye Nation Branding Forum", which is the country's first nation branding gathering, will be held in Istanbul on December 16-17, 2022. In the Forum, the Türkiye brand will be examined across a broad spectrum of scientific, academic, sectoral and socio-cultural dimensions via presentations, panels and events, gathering experts in their respective fields.

The Forum will bring together world-renowned nation branding experts, academics, sector representatives, as well as speakers specialized in their respective fields and high-level participants.