About the Türkiye Brand Office

As part of its mandate and mission, the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications carries out and coordinates the necessary activities to strengthen the Türkiye brand and increase its recognition abroad.

With the Presidential Circular on the "Use of ‘Türkiye’ as a Brand" published in the Official Gazette No. 31679 on December 4, 2021, “in light of thousands of years of state tradition, the preservation and elevation of its nation’s culture and values by carrying out significant and notable achievements befitting the ancient Turkish nation” was adopted as one of the Republic of Türkiye’s primary duty in its branding activities.

In order to fulfil this fundamental duty, the Türkiye Brand Office was established and announced to the public on May 9, 2022.

Objectives and Goals of the Türkiye Brand Office:

  • Türkiye Brand Office aims to further strengthen the nation brand value in global competition by sharing all of our state’s and nation’s success stories from the past to the present in education, technology, health, communication, industry, defence, sports, culture, diplomacy, humanitarian aid, tourism, energy, innovation, trade, economy, infrastructure, and transportation.

  • In this context, the strengthening of our nation brand is central to the Türkiye Communication Model. Its goal is to institutionalize the activities for the Strong Türkiye Brand, which is an integral part of the Strong Türkiye vision for 2023-2053-2071 under the leadership of our President.

  • Our objectives include completing the transition from promotion to branding, developing the Türkiye National Brand Model, strengthening the Türkiye Nation Brand, increasing our entrepreneurial capacity and the number of trademarks in all sectors, and reaching the target of 20 Turkish Brands in the top 500 by 2030.

  • It combats defamation attempts that harm the Türkiye brand and image in the international arena, and it contributes to the strengthening of Türkiye's global brand identity and value, as well as the country’s image.

The mission of the Türkiye Brand Office

Türkiye Brand Office,

  • Aims to define and enhance Türkiye’s nation brand identity pillars.

  • Coordinates Türkiye’s nation branding efforts,

  • By adopting a 360-degree approach to the process of nation branding it monitors the efforts of shareholders,

  • Maintains communication amongst all the shareholders contributing to Türkiye Brand,

  • Creates a branding strategy that ensures Türkiye’s story is told effectively along with conceptualizing the country’s shared identity’s important elements.    .

Strategic Goals of Türkiye Brand Office,

  • Elevating the culture and the values that have been preserved by the thousands-year-old state tradition,

  • Leading the initiatives that reflect nation brand’s global potential,

  • By taking the Türkiye Communication Model as a reference point, carrying out efforts that would strengthen the Türkiye Brand on the 100 anniversary of the Republic while keeping an eye on the 2053-2071 vision,

  • Rendering Türkiye’s nation brand power sustainable in the face of uncertain global conditions.